Is Amazon Prime Video good? See price, catalog and how streaming works

Is Amazon Prime Video good

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming service offered worldwide as part of Amazon Prime, a program that offers advantages such as free shipping on purchases, unlimited e-books, and a music player. The audiovisual platform offers exclusive productions and has a varied catalog at an affordable price rate, which entitles you to 4K video and playback on three screens on smart TVs, cell phones, and video game consoles…

Plans and pricing –

Prime Video from Amazon has exclusive films, series, and productions. Prime Video can be subscribed to a reasonably cheap monthly plan, which is part of the Amazon Prime package. The subscription gives access not only to the streaming platform, but also benefits and other services from Amazon. The plan allows streaming on up to three simultaneous screens and gives access to 4K content with HDR, as long as the user has an Internet connection that supports UHD video and also uses a compatible screen device. When you subscribe to Prime Video, you are entitled to a 30-day free trial period. At the end of the time, monthly fees are automatically renewed on the credit card registered by the account.

Catalog of Prime Video – 

Prime Video has a varied catalog with famous films and series, as well as exclusive productions from Amazon. Among the exclusive material are series and films such as The Man in the High Castle, American Gods, Jack Ryan, The Grand Tour, and The Boys. Well-known franchises such as down ton Abbey, Seinfeld, House, Mr. Robot, and Supernatural are some examples of the TV series available on Prime Video. Although the catalog is varied and contains recent and successful films, such as Captain Marvel and Interstellar.

Application and features –

The mobile application allows you to download episodes and movies to watch later. Prime Video has apps for Android and iPhone. It is also possible to access the platform from applications for the most popular smart TVs, such as Samsung, LG, Android TV, and media centers, such as Apple TV. Prime Video is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the case of the mobile app, there is support for downloading movies and episodes to watch offline. One of the features that differentiate Prime Video is X-Ray: the real-time filter gives contextual information about what the user sees on the screen, informing the names of the actors, characters, the songs on the soundtrack, and much more.

Is Prime video Image and audio quality good –

Prime Video provides audiovisual content in various resolutions, according to the user’s connection capacity and screen compatibility. In the best of scenarios, the user will have access to 4K material, in addition to 5.1-channel Dolby Digital or Dolby Atoms sound. The interesting factor here is that all of these features are part of Amazon’s basic subscription. While rival services like Netflix offers high video quality only on the most expensive plans.

Competitors –

Amazon’s Prime Video finds competition in the streaming market, made up of names like Netflix, HBO Go, and even YouTube. Amazon’s great asset is to offer Prime as an item in a complete package of online shopping services, so there is no way that Netflix or HBO Go can rival. Another aspect that makes the Amazon platform more attractive is that the subscription. An affordable plan gives access to streaming in 4K for an affordable price. SO go and buy fast to activate prime video and watch so many interesting series , movies prime video gives you one-month free subscription if you are a new customer hurry go buy and enjoy the time.

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