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What Is Amazon Prime? Advantages, Services And Price

Since its founding in the 1990s, Amazon has grown from a simple online text distributor to one of the largest retail franchises in the world. For Internet users, it has become almost a reflex lately to check the price on “” for almost any item. We see for sale on the street. Due to its resounding success, in 2005. The global retail giant decided to create a subscriber program who could receive “special” benefits in exchange for a fixed monthly or annual payment; They decided to name this service Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime has grown over the last 14 years, not only in the number of subscribers, of which it has millions, but also in the quantity and quality of the services and benefits it offers to all its affiliates. So if you are a regular buyer of products through, then this article is going to interest you lot. Here we want to explain in depth what the Amazon Prime program consists of, what are the benefits it can offer you, and very importantly: How much does it cost to subscribe monthly. By the end of the article, you will know everything there is to know about this service and you will be prepared to get the most out of your subscription, getting every last drop of juice out of every penny you invest in it.

What is Amazon Prime?

How we have told you, Amazon prime is a bundle of subscription services that Amazon offers to its customers. Today, the list of benefits associated with this subscription has grown so much that we will do a complete section to describe all of them as in depth as the publication allows us. However, the plan began about 14 years ago as a simple annual subscription. In which buyers receive some preferential treatment with dispatches for each purchase, in addition to receiving some benefits that could be claimed for a next opportunity. Which became in an excellent excuse to hook habitual online shoppers almost for life, making the benefits of shopping on practically insurmountable.

A very interesting incentive if we take into account that for each purchase. You can spend up to $ 10 for national shipments on each purchase. For those who are used to making several purchases a month. This can represent a really significant money saving, discounting the convenience of receiving all purchases in just 24 hours. It is also known for offering some interesting discounts on products eligible for the Amazon Prime plan. Many people also know about this benefit and take advantage of it quite often, however. It is in the fine print where we are going to squeeze the juice to this plan, with the benefits associated with the wide variety of Amazon services.

Is it free or paid?

Yes, Amazon Prime is a monthly subscription service. So you must pay a monthly or annual fee to be able to enjoy these benefits. But the truth is that, if we take into account the quantity and quality of the benefits. The monthly cost is completely laughable, especially if we take advantage of the discount that applies for buying the annual plan with a single payment. On the other hand, it seems important to note that Amazon offers its new subscribers the opportunity to give a free trial for 30 days to all the benefits that Amazon Prime offers. If you organize and use them wisely, you surprised at the great benefit. You can get from this free trial service that lasts only one month.

Amazon Prime label

Beyond the free shipping that we have talked about above, Amazon Prime offers other advantages to its users. For example, when Amazon is going to make one of its Flash Offers, time discounts and / or limited units, Prime users will be able to access 30 minutes before the start of the offer so as not to run out of it. This will be especially useful in specific sales periods, such as Black Friday or especially Prime Day. This second is an annual event of exclusive sales for Prime users. It is a global event that takes place in 13 countries around the world, with exclusive offers for two days.

You also have access to Prime Photos. It is a private cloud with unlimited free storage for photos. It is an alternative to Google Photos and photo, but in which the photos will be hosted in the Amazon cloud. If you like to read, being a Prime user you also have access to Kindle Prime, where you have hundreds of free Kindle eBooks included in your subscription. And you also have Amazon’s alternative to Spotify, a service called Prime Music with two million songs without ads and offline mode.

Prime Discount for Video Games

If you are a video game lover, you also have interesting advantages. For example, for the purchase of certain video games in pre-sale mode you will receive discounts on the Amazon Prime subscription. For example, if you pre purchase a video game with a Prime discount, those two less they deducted from the next annual payment you have to make to continue in the program. Instead of 36 you will pay 34 dollars the following year.

If you are a user and have your Amazon Prime account linked to the service. You will be able to watch Twitch without ads, you will be able to subscribe for free. To a channel each month, and you will have access to free content and rewards each month.

And finally the great jewel in the crown. Being a member of Amazon Prime you have free access to Prime Video. It is Amazon’s streaming service for series and movies, which has its own exclusive content from Amazon Originals as well as an interesting catalog of series and movies. It like Netflix, but is all included in your subscription.

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