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How to Get Amazon Prime Subscription for free

There are many ways to buy Amazon prime. Everything from simple savings during discounts to choosing free shipping counts. However, the latter is not always fast. Amazon turned speed not only into an advantage, but also created an almost complete service on its basis – Amazon Prime. Get Amazon Prime is a paid subscription, but not always and not for everyone. In this article, you will understand what benefits Amazon Prime gives customers and how to get it for free.

What does Amazon Prime give you?

The goodies that Amazon bestows on its Prime subscribers can be divided into two categories. Firstly, shopping, and secondly, entertainment. Amazon is not just a store, but a huge machine with separate online entertainment services, and some of them become available to prime subscribers.

Free shipping from Amazon

Amazon Prime subscribers can always be content with free 2-day shipping across America. And for certain cities, and even more so, the established terms range from one working day to delivery on the day of order. Perhaps free shipping is the main benefit of Prime, but not the only one.

Early access to discounts?

Lightning Deals or Lightning Discounts are another plus for Amazon Prime subscribers. Its availability guarantees access to promotional products 30 minutes earlier than for ordinary customers. During big sales, which are always announced on Amazon in advance, there is a risk that all of the products on sale may be sold faster than you imagine. So having a 30 minute head start is a great advantage.

Amazon Prime Day

Only Prime subscribers have access to the Amazon Prime Day Annual Sale. This sale allows you to purchase your own Amazon products at a guaranteed discount, as well as products from other manufacturers.

Amazon video services and game bonuses

Series, movies, and TV shows are included with Amazon Prime. You can watch all this as much as you like. And you can also upgrade in computer games. Prime includes a monthly get Amazon prime subscription to the Twitch streaming service, where you can follow reviews, walk throughs or live streams from gamers. And in some games, free and exclusive inventory will be available to help you win. If the thought flashed in my head that you have no time for games, but there are children, then they will only thank you.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon sells a lot of music: on vinyl, on CDs, and even electronically. Prime subscribers get access to the Prime Music service, where even the most sophisticated music lover will find great songs for themselves. After all, the Amazon Prime Music database has over 2 million tracks from a wide variety of singers and singers. Well, no advertising, of course.

How do you opt out of Amazon Prime

Before the end of the trial period, if you do not want to be charged $ 12.99, you need to uninstall Amazon Prime. It’s simple and fast.

Log into “Your Account” And press the big blue Prime button. Then, select the Manage Prime Membership option and click on the Do not Continue button (exact name may change, Amazon updates the interface regularly). That’s it, now you know how to untie your card from Amazon Prime! You will not be charged any more.

If you subscribed for a year, and then you didn’t like something, you can cancel the subscription, and the money for those months that have not yet passed will be returned to your card. By subscribing to Prime, you have nothing to lose. After your subscription for a year has passed, you have the option to start a new trial.

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