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Installation Process Of Amazon Prime Video On Your Devices

Installation Process Of Amazon Prime Open your device’s like which is most common is google play store application to download and install the Prime Video application.

Open the Prime Video application and click for download.

Register your device for members of Amazon shopping – you need a contact number for registration or email id after that. Select Sign in and Start Watching and enter your Amazon account information. Alternatively option select Register on the Amazon website. Where you are given a code to enter and get registration after registration you need to purchase a membership plan.

This registration is valid for amazon shopping and prime order booking plus prime video registration.

Prime membership is working for both shopping orders with free prime delivery and amazon prime video streaming like if you are staying in metro cities or your area location near big Bazar then you can order your product from amazon prime application which is free. Then in your mind question come about the procedure of payment method

How to purchase a prime membership plan?

It’s a very easy process to purchase Prime membership plan you can go on payment method section and chose a plan like monthly quarterly or yearly it’s up to you but according to me yearly membership plan is more durable which is very less coastally in compare to other plan and In this, you can save more money in a year.

sign up for Amazon Prime video plan for taking membership on or the Prime Video Android Application install sign up then purchase. You may purchase Prime 1-year membership using any electronic card payment method. Including credit card virtual or real, debit card, net banking, and Amazon Pay Balance which is available on amazon account. Except Bajaj Finance Cost EMI.

If you want to add money on Amazon Pay balance then you have to complete the full process of KYC.

If you are a new customer on amazon prime video then you can take 30 days free trial. Also which is the best part of amazon prime video.

The next question comes in our mind how I change the payment option.

How do I change my payment method for the Amazon Prime platform?

To add or update a payment method processes in Your prime Account :

Go to Your Account and sign in to Installation Process Of Amazon Prime

Click Payment choices on the installment area. To include an installment strategy amazon prime video, click on Add a card or change that choice by utilizing. The back button to alter an installment strategy choice, click on an installment technique under the installment area on “Your credit and check cards” trailed by Remove or Edit.

Follow the on-screen instructions and chose a payment option

Why am I being charged for prime video if I have an Amazon Prime membership plan?

With an eligible Amazon Prime membership customer, Installation Process Of Amazon Prime you have access to thousands of Prime Video. Titles at no additional cost which is best. You also have the option to rent or buy movies and TV episodes not included with Prime Video. As well as subscribe to over 100 premium channels and series with Prime Video Channels subscriptions plus many more TV series and movies also available in more language.

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