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Facts You Didn’t Know About Amazon Prime

Facts about Amazon Prime is a service that gives users free two-day shipping on all items Amazon itself sells, as well as a small portion of what third-party merchants sell on Amazon. All items marked with a blue Prime icon which are eligible for this program and are available for free two-day shipping. And if you pay another $ 3.99 on top, they will be delivered within one day – such a time frame, this is something unusual for online commerce.

As a matter of fact, where does the free cheese have to do with it, and where is this mousetrap that everyone is afraid of?

Cheese is a free trial one month period that gives you all the same benefits as a full subscription, but it doesn’t cost you any money. The beauty of the program is that anyone from anywhere in the world can use a free month of the Prime function without any consequences, and then, again, without any consequences, cancel the annual subscription and not pay a cent. Moreover, you can “ride” such a carousel every 13 months – you used a free membership, cancelled your subscription, a year and one month have passed –your signing up for a free subscription again.

However, Amazon Prime is not an ordinary entertainment that a large retailer has prepared for its clients from the post-Soviet space. This is a very popular program that helps active buyers save money well and receive goods not because of certain circumstances, but exactly when they need it.

Who should pay $ 99 for 1 year Amazon Prime?

if you make more than 2-3 purchases on Amazon every month, then you can get a return on your investment of $ 99 with free two-day and discounted one-day shipping. If there are no such volumes of purchases, a Prime subscription will be a waste of money.

Who should sign up for a free 30 day trial period?

Absolutely everyone, because you will not spend anything on it, but you will quickly receive your Amazon parcels!

Features of Amazon Prime

In general, this program implies a wider range of services, but they are simply not relevant for CIS residents. The only things that matters are-

  • Two-day delivery – free
  • One day delivery – $ 3.99

Additional benefits of Prime

  • the ability to borrow many free e-books from Amazon for their line of Kindle readers
  • Access to amazon prime video – a huge number of TV shows and movies in high quality for free. You can also listen to your favorite tunes without ads and on demand with access to the Prime Music library of over two million songs
  • The ability to upgrade your amazon subscription to Student or Mom. This will give a certain set of discounts in certain categories of goods – from 5 to 20%.

Amazon Prime Day

In addition to inexpensive shipping, access to an endless library of content, facts about Amazon Prime annually pleases its subscribers with a special event – Amazon Prime Day. On this day, Amazon will kick off a huge wave of discounts on a wide variety of products exclusively for Prime subscribers. Discounts will be on every product from electronics to clothing. The store puts the greatest emphasis on offers (deals), when a discount is set for a certain product for some time. If you managed to buy it, you saved a lot. Not in time – look for another interesting offer.

The main feature of Amazon Prime Day is that there will indeed be a lot of such offers, even more than Black Friday. Therefore, experts recommend that you become a Prime subscriber and be sure to check out Amazon for your discount that day!

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