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How to change Image resolution quality in Amazon Prime

If you have a TV that has a screen that supports 4k, Prime Video offers a image resolution quality in its package. But it is important to pay attention to some small details. If you are going to use Prime Video through an Android device, you will not be able to watch any content in higher quality than 480p, as the application is not supported. IOS users don’t have to worry about these image quality restrictions, as iOS supports even HD and HDR streams without a problem.

The Amazon Prime Video subscription allows the user to watch up to 3 screens at the same time and in 4k resolution. Unlike Netflix, Prime Video offers all screens and maximum image resolution quality all within your single subscription plan.

Prime Video Amazon: Catalog

If you are looking for a streaming platform that offers movies and series with recently released episodes, you can get your horse out of the rain that the platform will not suit you. The content offered by Prime Video usually enters the catalog after a period of time when it is released by the original broadcaster or producer. Currently, the platform offers at least 56 original productions, such as The Marvelous Mrs. Misael, The Man in the High Castle, and The Boys, all highly rated by expert critics. In all, there are almost 3,000 titles available in the updated catalog.

Prime video image quality

Want to know how much it costs to subscribe to Prime? We have great news. The first month of subscription is free. Benefit: 3 screens used simultaneously without losing the connection, all with maximum video and sound quality.

  • Access the official website of Prime.
  • Look for the option: “Start 30-day free trial”.
  • On the next page, create an Amazon Prime account with email and password.
  • Add a payment method.

Is it worth subscribing to Prime Video?

Before we give any kind of verdict, or recommended that you reach a conclusion yourself taking into account what you are looking for in a streaming platform. Prime’s price is much more affordable than Netflix. Not to mention that platforms are increasingly producing exclusive content for their subscribers. One of the advantages is that you have the opportunity to watch all Prime Video content for free for 30 days. This way you can decide whether or not it is worth continuing with your subscription.

How to cancel Amazon Prime Video?

If you want to cancel your test month, just ask for the cancellation on the website, under Cancel Subscription within your profile. On smartphones, you need to go to the app store settings and ask to cancel the subscription. Cancellation within the test month does not generate any financial charges to the user. You can cancel your subscription at any time by adjusting your subscription/membership options in Your Account, contacting Amazon’s Customer Service, or filling out the cancellation form on the webs

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