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Amazon.com/mytv – Amazon Prime is a subscription-based OTT platform that offers customers unlimited video streaming, fast delivery, exclusive access to deals, and much more.

Know Complete Process to Activate Amazon Prime Follow Simple Instructions and get www.amazon.com/mytv code to activate amazon prime video in your TV. There are 3 simple ways to Activate Amazon Prime Video. The first way to see it on TV is that when you open a session of the service on your computer, you connect it to the TV using one of the different available outputs, such as HDMI or VGA. If you maximize the web browser window on your PC, you can watch movies with the largest possible screen size that the TV allows.


What is Amazon Prime? How To Activate Amazon Prime Video?

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you might be wondering what Amazon Prime is and whether you should go for it or not. Don’t think that Amazon Prime only allows you to enjoy a free and faster shipping experience. In fact, it is a subscription service using which you can enjoy different Amazon perks. For example, free shipping, early access to Amazon Prime Day deals, and most importantly, free HD movie or video streaming on different devices.

What Is Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video allows you to explore and watch popular TV shows and movies. Besides using this, you can also watch various award-winning and top-rated Amazon Originals and live events.

Well, you don’t have to get a subscription to Amazon Prime and Prime Video differently. Speaking about some of the most stunning and useful features of the Prime Video. These are; video downloads for offline viewing, HDR-High Dynamic Range, 4K Ultra HD video streaming, and more.

What’s more? It also has an X-ray feature, using which you can explore the behind-the-scenes content of TV shows and movies. It allows you to get filmographies, actor bios, bonus video content, photos, and more.

Using the Prime Video app on your TV or smartphone, you easily access more than 100 channels, such as CBS, SHOWTIME, HBO, Cinemax, and more. You don’t have to download extra apps, and there is no need to use any cable connection. You can pay for the channel that you want to use and can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Another great thing about the Prime Video is you can enjoy access to different newly launched movies to buy or rent. Furthermore, you can also buy all the seasons of your favorite TV shows. Now, let’s discuss Amazon Prime Video activation.

Steps to Activate Amazon Prime on your Smart TV

Even though the Amazon prime video activation process is straightforward and easy using Amazon.com/mytv Enter Code, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

Not all the home theater systems, blu-ray disc players, and TVs come with internet connection capability. So, you should check whether the unit you are using has an internet connection. Go through the device specifications to know about this.

To initiate the Amazon Mytvactivation process, you will need access to a browser on any internet-capable device.

The Amazon Prime video app, in general, comes pre-installed on smart TVs. But if your TV doesn’t have the app, don’t worry at all, as you can easily download the app from the Google Play Store.

As of November 2021, the Amazon Prime Video app is available in more than 200 countries around the globe. But the availability of the Prime app will vary based on the type of device you are using and the country in which you are living.

Steps to Activate Amazon Prime using www.amazon.com/mytv Activation Code

  • Using your TV remote controller, press the Menu or Home button.
  • Now visit the My Apps or App section, based on your TV model.
  • Choose the Prime video app. It may be noted that based on the TV model, the location of the app will vary. 
  • If there is no Prime Video app on your TV, then open Google Play Store and download the app.
  • Choose the Sign In option on the next screen.
  • Now you will see a six-letter registration code on the screen. This is the activation code for your account.
  • Based on the instructions mentioned on the page, visit the Amazon Prime sign-in page by searching for www.amazon.com/mytv. You can simply use your smartphone for this.
  • You will see a page with a box asking for the registration code.
  • You need to enter the registration code from the device and then click on Register Device.

If the Amazon Prime activation process is successful, the page carrying the six-digit activation code will get updated automatically. After that, you can view and access your Prime Video content on your smart TV.

How do I register a device on Amazon Prime Video?

If you have an Amazon account and would like a Prime membership, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial on X1 or Flex (subject to Amazon’s trial eligibility rules).

  • Search for a title on X1 or Flex (e.g., say “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” into your Voice Remote).
  • For TV series, select Episodes, then select the episode you want to watch. For movies, select the movie you want to watch.
  • Select Sign Up/Sign In. The Prime Video app will launch on your X1 or Flex streaming device.
  • Select Watch with Prime – Start your 30-day free trial.
  • Select OK.

Final Words

Now you know about the Amazon prime video activation, go on, buy an Amazon Prime subscription plan and activate your Prime video account now. You will enjoy high-quality video streaming without dealing with those irritating ads. The best part is that you can access your Prime video account on your smart TV, phone, and computer. Stream anytime and anywhere without any restrictions.

Disclaimer: www.amazon.com/mytv This is an independent business entity that has no relation with amazon and any of its subsidiaries. The information provided here is also available on Amazon’s official website. Any information on this website might not be correct or accurate, the website owners will not be responsible for any action that a user or viewer might take based on the information on this website.

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