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4 reasons to cancel Netflix and subscribe to Amazon Prime Video

Anyone who until recently staged the streaming market as a virtual monopoly would not be lying. Netflix was supreme and no one was ahead of them. However, that dominance has changed recently as more services emerge to compete. with Netflix. Among them, Amazon Prime Video stands out, which has a catalog full of prestigious films and series, theatrical premieres and a price below that of its competitors. Contains numerousBenefits for those who usually shop online, in addition to access to the service itself.

Price and advantages –

In the past, the Netflix subscription price was attractive and plenty for those who could no longer bear paying for expensive cable TV packages. At that time it was very advantageous to pay only $ 15 to access the service catalog. But time passed and they began to charge different amounts depending on the number of screens you want to watch and the quality of the video.

With Amazon Prime Video, you don’t have to do the math or worry about quality as the only package out there has the best resolution and costs less than “back when Netflix was good”. If you’re still not sure if Prime Video is good or not, you can try it for free for 30 days and if you want to save even more you can pay for the annual subscription, 25% off compared to paying monthly. Great, isn’t it? But it gets even better. The biggest advantage of subscribing to Prime Video is the free access Amazon Prime deliveries.

Award-winning productions –

Speaking of content, Amazon Prime Video is full of award-winning productions. Fleabag won four Emmy statuettes in 2019 and is now considered by many to be the best series. Produced by Amazon, it is available exclusively on Prime Video. If you only pay Netflix to access the platform’s catalogue. Prime Video gives you access to other benefits in addition to films and series. For the same amount, the subscriber is entitled to a Prime Music account for listening to music. Which offers rotation Selection from hundreds of electronic books; Twitch Prime, which gives you access to some free games; and Amazon Prime, the delivery service with unlimited free shipping and no minimum value for purchases on Amazon.

Higher quality original content –

A lot of people complain that “Prime Video’s catalog isn’t that big,” and it’s true. While Amazon doesn’t produce series or movies at the same speed as Netflix, that’s not a problem. With more time to work on the script. , production and post-production, Amazon’s original content reaches the public in much higher quality than that released by Netflix. Fleabag is one such example, but she is not alone. The catalog includes names like Homecoming, Jack Ryan, Good Omens, The Man on Top Castle, Thee Extractions, The Boys usw.

Netflix Movies just out of the Cinema –

If you’re not a fan of the series and really enjoy watching a good movie, preferably the blockbusters that just came out, no problem. Another difference from Amazon Prime Video is that it invests heavily in acquiring films produced by outside studios. and that it recently left screening rooms, which is very reminiscent of Netflix’s golden days, which won’t be returning. Most of these films can be found in the Best Films category, where there are productions that are generally more appealing to audiences and have just arrived on the streaming service.

Netflix Conclusion –

So, were you convinced that Amazon Prime Video is better than Netflix? Movies, Series, Music, Books and Magazines, and also free shipping on Amazon at affordable prices per month, with a free trial for 30 days. What are you waiting for?

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