You are currently viewing Netflix or Amazon Prime which is better?

Netflix or Amazon Prime which is better?

Do you know what Amazon Prime Video is? It is a streaming service with its catalog and original content. It is common to be in doubt whether it is worth signing, we can help you with your choice. The Amazon streaming service is a competitor of Netflix and has positive points for those who like cinema

The Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service such as Netflix. The platform offers films, series, documentaries, and other titles upon payment of a subscription. You get the first month of the free trial. It is cheaper than Netflix. A unique plan, without adjustments and screens. Former Prime Video subscribers migrate to the new plan and start paying the cheapest Amazon Prime price. Amazon also produces originals content.

Amazon or Netflix?

The catalog of Netflix is worse than the Prime video. Before you decide to subscribe, you can search for a title you want to watch and see if it is available on Netflix or Prime Video. The video contents available on Prime Video will not be on Netflix (in most of cases). But, the video contents present in Netflix are available in prime video. 

Finally, it is worth noting that you can use the video service on up to three screens at the same time. Also, the image quality goes up to 4K and you can download to watch offline whenever you want. It also has a data usage control system, so you can avoid overusing your internet.

  • Access to the complete Amazon catalog, including company originals
  • Access up to three devices at the same time
  • Can watch offline
  • 4K Image
  • Very classics and recent hits available
  • Control of data usage.

Is it worth subscribing to Amazon Prime Video?

Before deciding, we recommend that you check the Amazon Prime Video catalog carefully to decide whether to subscribe or not. If you’re between Prime Video and Netflix, it’s worth it. Prime Video beats Netflix in each feature. It just depends on your interest in the catalog and your experience of using the platform. As we mentioned, Prime Video is cheaper than Netflix and any other OTT.

With more than 3300 titles, the prime video has movies, series, documentaries, cartoons, biographies, etc. This may seem little when compared to Netflix, which has 4104 titles. However, remember that quantity doesn’t mean quality and it all depends on what you like to watch. One of the main advantages of Prime Video is the update of its catalog, which has the most recent titles. That’s because Amazon managed to enter into several partnerships for the transmission of licensed content.

In practice, this means that you will have access to the latest superhero movies, famous animations (classic and new), and all seasons of some popular series like Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. Another point that cannot be overlooked is the original series, produced by the streaming service itself. The Prime Video is responsible for some acclaimed titles such as The Boys, American Gods, and Mr. Robot.

Conclusion – 

Every one must have noticed a strong change in the forms of content consumption. Until a few years ago, the dream that many were to own HD’s and pen drives with immense memories to store their favorite videos, movies, and series. However, with the new streaming services, it is possible to pay a monthly fee and have access to what you want. No giant files, no illegal downloads: Prime Video is the solution. In the upcoming days demand of prime video is more due to COVID 19 mostly country decided to work at home up to the situation, not in control lets see which type of new world coming after COVID 19 but one thing is very clear demand of home-based entertainment is high in upcoming days.

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