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How do I Set up a Account?

You only need to register an Amazon Prime Video Account at register using your smart device. You will require the registration code to finish the activation process. Sign in to your Amazon Prime account using your email address and password while watching Prime Video on your smart TV.

It gives us numerous options to watch movies at HD quality. or can be described as an online portal that allows you to enable Amazon prime videos on any device that is compatible using an Amazon prime activation codes. Log into an Amazon account. Choose the TV cable provider’s network and then log in to your account to watching Amazon Prime video on your television.

Getting Started With Amazon Prime Video Account

To join Prime Video, Go to for more details.

Choose “New to Amazon from the menu dropdown.

To secure your account, make sure you have the email address of your account, your complete name, and an effective password.

Your email address that you enrolled in will be followed up with an email confirmation.

After you’ve verified the email account, you can click on the Verification link.

You can login to the account of your Amazon Prime Video account by signing in.

Prime Video features

To stream videos on Amazon Prime Video users require an Amazon prime account. You can download Amazon Prime Video on various devices to stream content while on the move. It is possible to install an Amazon Prime Video app on Fire TV Stick, Smart TV or Blu-Ray Players, streaming media player, gaming consoles, iPhones, Android phone tablets Google Chromecast, and many more. Subscribers can also access exclusive programming that comes from Showtime, Starz, A&E, AMC, and other major channels. In terms of Netflix prices and features is similar to what Netflix has to offer, but thanks to Amazon Prime Video, users can choose from among more than 18,405 films and 1,981 TV shows in the US.

Prime Video Activate Using Activation Code

Follow the steps that are provided to enable Amazon Prime Video on your device:

  • Turn on your TV’s screen or the device that you wish to stream the video and connect it to the internet.
  • Turn on your device and then go to the store for applications to download the Amazon prime video application. If the app is downloaded on your phone, just launch it.
  • You must sign in to the account you have created on Amazon Prime Video account. To do this, clicking on the sign-in link. If you do not have an account, make one on your computer. Then proceed through the process.
  • You will need to save the six-digit activation number for my TV that was displayed at the top of the screen.

  • Visit the Amazon official website with a browser on the internet at
  • Login with the Amazon Prime video account and enter the Amazon prime activation code into the box that appears in the display.
  • Click the register button, and follow the instructions at the top of the screen.

  • At the point you are at, a successful message will be displayed on the screen. This means you’re now set to stream Amazon prime videos in Australia.
  • Common problems that can arise in your Amazon Prime video activation procedure
  • The quality of the internet connections can lead to the point of no activation.

If your device isn’t upgraded to be able to use the application, then you could be unable to activate the application.

If your device is affected by a virus, you won’t be able to watch Amazon prime videos.

The expired activation code may be the cause of the inability to activate an Amazon Prime Video activation procedure.

Prime Video Compatible Devices

Smart TV

Apple TV

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire TV

Devices with iOS enabled

Android supported devices

Roku device


Streaming Media players

Xbox one

Xbox 360


How do I Download and Install Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a multi-platform app that can be downloaded on different platforms and devices. To download Amazon Prime Video for Android, iOS, and smart TV, follow these steps that are listed below.

Download and install it for Android

Follow these Steps:

Visit and click the ‘Start Your 30 day free trial’ link.

On the next screen you will need to fill in your Amazon login details, and then log to the account.

Select the plan you want for smartphones and then complete the payment.

On your phone, launch on your phone the Amazon Prime Video app and log in to your account.

Choose your region and begin watching your most loved shows while on the move.

Download and install the application for iOS

Follow these Steps:

Visit from your smartphone and sign up/sign to your Amazon account.

Then, select one of the plans that are monthly or annual from the available plans.

Input the payment details and download the application via Apple’s App Store. Apple App Store.

You must wait for the download to finish.

After that, sign in to the Amazon Prime Video account using your email ID and password.

Select the one you prefer and start streaming your favourite shows.

Watch Prime Video on Smart TV

You own a smart TV and you have it. If you’re not turning to Amazon Prime Video on your Smart TV, then you are not enjoying the full entertainment. Follow these steps now to enable Amazon Prime Video on your Smart TV. Enjoy Amazon Prime Video by the following steps:

Visit the home page of your smart TV and look for Amazon Prime

Amazon’s app will appear before the user, you will need sign up at the Amazon website. After that you will be given the choice to sign in and begin, select one that is suited to your needs.

Then, you’ll be provided with an activation code. It is important to save it to be used.

Visit and and sign up for your Amazon account. If you already have one, login to your account.

Enter the activation or verification code on the next screen right in front of you.

Now you can watch a wide range of fantastic and excellent shows and movies with your TV.

This is all you need to know about the process to activate Amazon Prime Video. Get an eligible device and start watching all of your Amazon Prime video shows or films as you like.

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