How to sign up for Amazon Prime free trial?

For how long Amazon offers a free trial?  Can I sign up for Amazon Prime without a credit card? are some such questions that come to mind of that everyone who is looking to sign up for Amazon Prime yet not ready to pay for it.

Of course till you decide whether to pay for it or not; you can avail its 30 day trail completely free of cost. Yes the free trial period that Amazon offers for its prime services is for 30 days. So If you haven’t signed up for a free trial with Amazon Prime for last 12 months you can avail this service now. During this trail period you can have access to all the benefits a paid member of Amazon Prime relish.

Now the question arises How to sign up for Amazon Prime free trial? Well it is quite effortless; all you have to do is to follow the under mentioned steps and enjoy the perks of this trial period.

Step1: Visit the Amazon’s website Amazon Prime free trial page

Step2: Hit ‘Start my 30-day free trial’

Step3: Go along with the instructions that pop up. It will also require entering your credit or debit card details in the process. However you won’t be charged anything until your trial period ends. But once your trial period comes to an end your membership will automatically be modified to a paid member and that’s when they will need your card details to charge you the amount for a paid membership.

So yes here is an answer to another question: Can I sign up for Amazon Prime without a credit card?

Yes you will need a card, it can be any kind of card, credit or debit; VISA or Master but entering a valid card details is mandatory.

If somehow you don’t want to renew your services as a paid member you can turn off the automatic renewal as follows:

  1. Sign-in to your account and glide to ‘manage Prime Membership’.
  2. Check for the renewal date which must be mentioned on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. For the members availing free trial; Click ‘Do Not Continue’.

Even after you choose ‘Do not continue’ for your Amazon Prime free trial, you will keep receiving benefits till your free trial period ends. Afterwards your membership will terminate, and the payment card you used to sign up for the free trial will not be charged.

Are you an Amazon Prime user looking out to manage your subscriptions with Amazon?

Here is the complete guide to manage your subscriptions. You can manage your Appstore subscriptions from the Amazon’s website itself. Follow the below mentioned steps and Change, update, cancel, or turn off auto-renewals for subscriptions purchased from the Amazon Appstore without any fuss.

Step1: Go to the Log-in page of Amazon.

Step2: Enter your account details and sign-in.

Step3: Go to your account to modify any subscriptions or any other settings.

Step4: Look for ‘Digital content and devices’; once found look for ‘your apps’ tab under the same.

Step5: Further under the ‘Manage’ tab hit ‘your subscriptions’.

Step6: Here you can modify your subscriptions as required.

If you turn off auto-renewal for any of your subscription; you will still get to access its benefits till your ongoing subscription period expires.

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