Amazon Prime Video Showing Films For Free During Lockdown

Prime Video

This is a fantastic offer by Amazon Prime Video during lockdown Amazon offering a free video watching service on its own platform Amazon Prime Video here is available lot of video contents for families and children’s you have good opportunity to stream movies and web series from Amazon library its free of costs.

This video streaming app offers its new user a free trial for 30 days, after which you need to purchase an Amazon Prime Video membership, but during the lockdown due to COVID19 you can take advantage of this offer.

If you are in lockdown due to COVID-19 and you are doing your work from home then your should try this offer at once.

In this critical situation where no one can leave home, you must spend quality time with your family with entertainment of the biggest video streaming app. Amazon Prime Video.

In order to watch videos on Amazon Prime Video, you need to follow some instructions below. You need to download the Amazon Prime Video streaming app on your smartphone, then create an Amazon Prime Video account and enjoy a 30-day free trial.

You only get this service from Amazon Prime Video as there is no other video streaming app that offers this service as Amazon Prime Video is one of the biggest video streaming platforms which gives you many movies and TV series during the lockdown due provided free of charge by Covid19

This offer is valid for a limited time. It is a promotional offer from Amazon Prime Video, which is being considered due to the critical situation people are in as they cannot go outside and have nowhere to go for their entertainment. That’s why Amazon Prime Video offers this service for free.

Amazon Prime Video is very concerned about good health and wealth of people that’s why offering a reasonable package to provide you a good and quality based entertainment during COVID 19.

People have to live in their home due to COVID 19 in this situation they have the only source for entertainment Mobile and TV as the video shooting has been stopped for movies or TV Serial Media production houses are unable to provide new content in India.

Amazon Prime Video is proving the good and quality based entertainment to its user you will find here blockbuster movies, tv-series Oscar-winning movies.

Amazon Prime Video And Some More Method To Pass Time

In April month 2020 every one stay at home due to KOVID 19 then in this case whether you’re sitting somewhere you don’t wish to be (e.g. class, office, cafe, restaurant, court, etc.), or you just can’t wait for something more, in that case, use this guide to pass the time until class ends, your appointment arrives, or you become busy doing something else like home-based work possibility. Get started with Step one by one below to find loads of ideas on how to pass time during Isolation!

Dance around! 

Have a dance party just for yourself with the help of a youtube video. If you’re in a place where you can’t dance then go and take a sharp corner of the room, choreograph a dance inside your head to your favorite song then try to dance with copied some small steps.

Watch Amazon prime video 

While viewers don’t need a Prime account to access the free content because he thinks its a difficult or long process, they still need to set up an account on Amazon and directly watch all that program, a company press release said, on Tuesday.

The tech team also announced reduced data for streaming bitrates for Prime Video that will help a lot for isolation in that lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak and get the best way time pass method. Bitrate usually determines the size and quality of video and audio files which is much improved for a user, and higher bitrate indicates better quality of video and audio. The statement added that the company will be temporarily restricting streaming to only Standard Definition (SD) on mobile android phones up to April 14 or more than that.

Reorganize your movie as a best friend

Reorganize your movies by best friend, title, or even spine color depends on mood, movie content story, and interest. If you don’t have your movies nearby then think which one you want to watch, just rank your favorite movies in your mind.

Many people problem Why is my Amazon Prime video not working?

A common problem is the “Insufficient Bandwidth” error or you can say more data needed for streaming. This displays if Amazon announced your connection to have low bandwidth still reduced data for streaming bitrates for prime video. If this happens, check other streaming services mostly found, like YouTube or NetflixZEE5 and book my show. … Once done, restart the device once you’re watching Amazon Prime Video on (whether TV platform, mobile phone, PC system, or laptop whatever)

Take a power nap. It may sound pretty boring but fully recover your body, in that interesting part your dreams can be interesting and sleeping makes time pass very quickly but this applies only 8 to 10 hr. You’ll also feel more refreshed and ready for more work and you feel happy if you utilize this method as a timely cycle slip.

Watch and Write a song. watch some songs and then try to write a song about your favorite activity if you love to write a song.

If you can’t come up with a melody, set it to the tune of your favorite song watch and enjoy the songs ! you can also take help from Amazon prime video.

Try to Make up your language itself. This is also the best way for minded people Makeup and starts speaking your language step by step. Try to convince other people that it’s a real language that is very interesting but doesn’t forget the isolation method. You might need to write down some of the basic rules of your language or you can take the support of some language rule of another language to remember them you can take the support of any movie in which subtitles involve. Try to pretend you don’t know the language they are speaking its gives you fun and enhance your style and knowledge. 

Clean organize or DIY your home. It may sound boring, but this is the best way of exercise once you’re on a daily roll, it can pass the time and gives you a better lifestyle.

I hope this content helps you during the lockdown time or during quality time pass.

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