What is Amazon Prime And Why You Need To Get It

What is Amazon Prime

The Amazon prime is a largest and most successful subscription program on the Internet. It has over 150 million subscribers worldwide. This program alone brings Amazon nearly $ 15 billion a year.

First of all, this is the fastest Delivery. You can even buy toothbrushes or socks. The company will deliver everything free of charge, and within one or two days.

The promotion applies to all products marked with the Prime logo in the online store. And this is a lot of things, among the popular – almost all. Another good bonus for customers is early access to discounts of the day, the most significant sales in the online store. And on certain days, only Prime subscribers have access to them.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

Amazon is a giant company that owns hundreds of services. And almost all of them have Prime connected in some way. Therefore, what Amazon Prime gives is not only the best conditions for purchases in the online store. There are also bonuses in dozens of Amazon-owned services. Including:

  • Unlimited access to Prime Video streaming service.Thousands of TV shows and films, including those available only from Amazon.
  • Access to the Prime Music service, more than 2 million songs without ads
  • Prime Reading, thousands of books, shops, comics, audiobooks for Kindle and more
  • Podcasts and audio channels on Audible
  • Discounts on food at Whole Foods
  • Free subscription to any Twitch streamer
  • Free Amazon Photos storage (on you and 5 other people).

You can also choose “specialization” and receive additional discounts on the goods you need. Amazon Fresh saves good money on food. Prime Student saves on electronics, books and video games, and Amazon Family saves up to 20% on diapers, meals and baby clothes.

How do you subscribe to Amazon Prime?

Now you know how to connect Amazon Prime for free. For this:

  • Download amazon prime
  • Click on the yellow button “Start 30 day free trial session”
  • Enter your bank account details and address

Now you have got Amazon Prime for free. From now on you have access to all the benefits of a “premium” subscription for thirty days. And if you like everything, then even renew your subscription further.

With such a “trial” subscription, $ 1 will still be charged from your card. The company needs this to verify that the card is real. When the trial month is over, the amount will return to your card.

Who should pay for Amazon Prime?

If you make a few low-cost Amazon purchases every month, Prime will almost certainly save you money. Also this subscription pays off very well in July when there are huge sales for subscribers on Amazon Prime Day. Even if it wasn’t free, you save $ 13 on any discounted purchase. And most often the savings are much greater. Well, since it’s free, there’s nothing to think about.

The rest of the months – it all depends on the pace of your purchases. Recently the conditions in the store are quite good for all customers. Previously, Amazon gave free shipping to your warehouse only on purchases over $ 49. And now you can “collect” purchases for only $ 25. And even without Prime, shipping will be fast and free!

But don’t forget that Prime is also about books, music, and Twitch (even if you don’t use it, your child will surely appreciate the free subscription!). And the price can be greatly reduced if you use Prime with family or friends.

Try the 30-day free trial for sure, Rate bonuses and opportunities, and then make your own decision.

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