How do i get Amazon Prime on my smart TV

Prime on my smart TV

Amazon prime video is one of the best entertainment platforms where you can access exclusive, live streaming on my smart tv Amazon offers, blockbuster movies, regional movies and much more. As compared to Hulu and Netflix, Amazon prime is one of the best subscriptions where we can watch unlimited live shows and get forty percent worth as compared to other live streaming television channel providers. It has an extensive list of contents and also to boost up many international movies of the high-quality content library. We can get the same facilities on another live streaming platform like Hulu and Netflix but it is quite inexpensive.

Installation of amazon prime video on smart TV

There is an unusual omission on Amazon Prime to run Amazon prime video to run on the smart TV. You can easily remove this problem without any routing. If you have a laptop, then you can easily put Amazon Prime on Smart Television . If you set it as a full-screen laptop, then your browser knows that you do not want full-screen control over the laptop. This video present inside the Window of our browser, but it gives us a look and feels that we can watch a video on a smart TV.

Do you think about how it can work on a smart TV?

  • Open browser like Google Chrome on your laptop 
  • Then install Google cast extension and follow the instruction when you want to watch Amazon Prime video on your smart Television. 
  • Click on Google cast extension in your browser and select smart TV where you want to cast Amazon prime video. 
  • Then you can easily play Amazon prime video where you want to cast and click on the button of fullscreen
  •  Now you can enjoy it on TV 

How do you activate Amazon prime video on a smart Television without any problem?

First, you need to download Amazon prime and sign up for Amazon prime membership or prime video android app. If you want to enjoy a free trial of Amazon prime video then you need to follow all these steps carefully.

  • Open Amazon prime page on your smart TV 
  • Tap on the sign-up button over an Amazon prime page. 
  • Follow all on-screen instructions to complete the payment and sign up process. 
  • Here you can enjoy all playlist music and videos without any interruption

Does Amazon prime video support smart tv?

Most of the smart have built-in capability to display live streaming Amazon prime video on Television like Samsung, LG, TCL , Toshiba Sony, and another smart tv. The Amazon prime video is available on many devices like Roku , Smart tv, Google chrome cast, and NVIDIA Shield and other devices also. You can easily watch Amazon prime videos on smarter Television very easily by searching Amazon prime video and select one of the movies that you want to watch in your content library which is available in Amazon prime

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