Amazon Prime Error code 7031

You just came back home dealing with stressful meetings, high end clients and creating crucial reports. So now all you want to do is sit back, have a glass of wine and enjoy the latest movie on Amazon Prime Video.  And as soon as you open the app, hell no … just encountered Amazon Prime Error code 7031. And this would be a cherry on the bad day you were having. 

Anyway, rather frowning and banging on your laptop, we should learn why this error occurred and how this can be resolved so that you can make the best out of your little time you are left of this bad day.

Well this Error 7031 pops up when there is a streaming problem. What you can do in that case is –

  1. If you are using chrome try to switch to some other browser be it safari or firefox because it is observed that Amazon Prime video encounters streaming problems with Chrome. If somehow it isn’t possible for you, simply restart to chrome and try playing the title again. If it still isn’t working, try restating your system once.
  2. Disconnect your modem and router and also turn off the device on which you are streaming. Keep them all off for one full minute and then connect your modem again, plug in your router and later switch on the streaming device. Try playing the video again. For the users using mobile phones, simply turn on Airplane mode of your cell phone once and turn it off again. It will reset internet connections and you might be able to stream now.
  3. Poor Internet is also the root cause of all streaming problems. So just check you internet speed using any free speed test service and see it must be at least 3.5 mbps to stream HD Titles. If it is not that much, you need to connect to your Internet service provider.
  4. If you are an android user, try clearing up the data navigating as follows

Settings -> Apps or Application Manager -> Amazon Video -> Tap ‘Clear Data’ and then hit ‘Ok’. Even after if the problem remains unresolved try deleting the app and reinstalling it again.

There is no such way to clear app data for apple users, so if you an apple user, simple delete the app and reinstall in from the App store.

Well these were some simple steps and tricks that you can do on your own to get rid of the video steaming issue and enjoy your favorite title on this amazing service that Amazon provides. You can always connect to the Amazon Prime Video customer support if something troubles you with the app.

  • you get to stream titles in 4k and HDR which is absolutely awesome
  • you have the option to download content so that you can view it later when you have data scarcity.
  • You get to see original Amazon prime video titles
  • Amazon hosts a magnificent collection of TV shows and movies available for rent or purchase.
  • You get to watch variety- documentaries, movies, amazon originals, series and what not.
  • Audio descriptions are simply great on Amazon Prime Video. It allows you line up the CC settings straight from the video player. You can even change the font size and color of the text. 
  • Also it does not ruin your entertainment with ads in- between the shows.
  • Offers parental Control
  • Last but not the least you get all these benefits at a very reasonable price as compared to other video streaming services.

These days’ people are just abandoning their cable connections and adopting these video streaming services just like Amazon Prime Video and undoubtedly it’s a better choice to make.  You can still stay connected to the latest movies and series on this incredible video streaming platforms.  Below are the some amazing benefits that you get to stream with Amazon prime video.

Well all these were the decent reasons one should go and subscribe to this service. If you already made up your mind; let’s see how to do this.

  1. Visit the official site  Amazon Prime Video.
  2. Hit the sign-up button.
  3. Go along the on-screen instructions to complete the payment and sign up.

You can also enjoy one month free trial of this service, but even to avail the free trial you need to enter your payment details. You won’t be charged anything till your trial period ends, but once the trial period ends you will be charged every month as per the subscription costs automatically.

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