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What can i watch on Amazon Prime for free

Many people love to enjoy good movies, TV series and other programs from the comfort of their own homes or in recreation areas. To do this, they use devices that can play multimedia content. Videos are usually downloaded from the internet, but services like Amazon Prime Video Watch are also used. You want to know more? Continue reading.

Know about Amazon Prime Video

When you say Amazon Prime Video, you mean a service that offers videos (particularly series and films) by streaming or continuous transmission of multimedia files over the Internet.

With this service, you can enjoy the video while it is being downloaded. Which means that the faster the internet connection, the better the content will be seen in real time. The internet connection must have a good download speed. Whether you are using a wired network, which should be the best wired network for internet connection, or wireless networks with data plans.

How can you watch Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video has a wide repertoire of films and series that vary depending on the geographical area in which the service subscription is taken out. For example, the supply available in the United States is greater than that in other places such as Latin America. America. Nonetheless, its outstanding content accessed by people from more than 200 countries around the world.

To view Amazon Prime Video content. You must first purchase or subscribe to the service on the Amazon website with a credit card or PayPal account. You are already a registered user with permission to view the available files. When you have a username and password that you can use to log in from different devices.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on computer

To do this, you must have your computer turned on, an internet connection and your preferred web browser open. Then you must log into the Amazon Prime Video account on the official page, using the relevant credentials from the service contract. This way you will have access to the catalogue of Amazon Prime Video movies and series, just select the one you want to see and press the play button.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV

The first way to watch it on TV is that when you open a session of the service on your computer, connect it to the TV through one of the different outputs available, such as HDMI or VGA. If you maximize the web browser window on your PC, you can watch movies on the largest possible screen size that your TV will allow.

A second way to watch Amazon Prime Video is through your smart TV. If installed, you can go to the TV App Store to download it. Once you have it, log in with your username and password to enjoy programming. They have.

The third option external devices connected TV via the HDMI input, using applications similar one described above. All of these devices must have the official Amazon Prime Video app in order to function.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on a mobile device

It is entirely possible to use Amazon Prime Video services from an Android or iPhone mobile device to tablets. This requires a good internet connection, at least 4G or with internet access via WiFi. It is also important to go to the application stores and download the official Amazon Prime Video application.

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