You are currently viewing Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? Discover the best streaming service

Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? Discover the best streaming service

If you are hesitating between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. You should know what elements to take into account when choosing one service or another. In this article we help you decide between two of the most popular platforms to watch series and movies streaming.

If you are a fan of television series, surely you already know about Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Two of the most popular services to watch streaming content.

Now, as you surely know, both require payment subscriptions. If you don’t want to have to pay monthly fees for various streaming content services. You want to choose one of them.

In this article we compare two of the most popular streaming movies and series services of the moment. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, in this way, we hope you we help you decide which platform to choose.

Features of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are content services based on a monthly subscription in exchange for streaming content of television series and movies. Their platforms can be accessed through the Internet, smart TV, game consoles, decoders, desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are constantly being updated so you will get new content often.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also offer the ability to access content while offline (although with some limitations). Not all content can downloaded for offline viewing. Although it should noted that the content catalogue available for download is constantly growing on both platforms.

TV series and movies available

Price, tools and compatibility are factors to take into account. But no matter how good these features are, they won’t matter if the platforms don’t have the content you want.

On both platforms you can enjoy movies and television series, as well as exclusive content that cannot found on rival platforms. In this case, the best option will depend on the particular taste of each user.

Which streaming service best suits you?

We can say that Amazon is the quintessential winner thanks to the extra benefits you can get with your subscription: free package delivery, free access to eBooks and a music streaming service.

In both we have been able to find series and movies of very good quality (and bad too), so we declare ourselves fans of both Netflix and Amazon content.

Obviously the best way to have the most varied selection of content would be to subscribe to both platforms. If you can’t afford it (or you just don’t want to have to pay for two subscriptions), you should base your choice on the platform’s compatibility with the device you want to use and obviously on the content that appeals to you the most.

Compatible devices

In order to use Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, you will need a compatible device. This device can a phone, a tablet, a game console or a decoder.Also included a table showing the compatibility of each service (compatibility may limited for some models, especially for some televisions or for Blu-ray users).

In addition to the devices listed in the table, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video allow you to access their platforms through a web browser, through a computer or laptop, whether or not they are associated to an external monitor.

Price of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

The price of this subscription will get you to save a lot, making it a much more beneficial product than Netflix, especially if you buy on Amazon regularly and you are satisfied with the content catalogue of series and movies that the platform offers.

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