Amazon prime: is it really worth it?

Amazon Prime: Is It Really Worth It?

Amazon Prime is the preferred service that the popular online e-commerce platform offers users numerous advantages. Prime is undoubtedly a source of revenue for Amazon.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

  • Deliveries in 1 day or even 2 hours

Yeah, the first thing to do is deliver them during the day. With Amazon Prime, you can receive your packages in 1 or 2 working days (depending on where you live) at no additional cost. If you live in Paris, by purchasing one (or more) of the 20,000 products in the catalogue, you can receive your order within 2 hours of your purchase! Ideal for those who want to do their shopping online (you will find several grocery stores) or for last minute purchases!

  • Prime Video

Do you like TV shows? With Prime Video, you’ll have access to Amazon Original content, including TV shows and movies. It is a real platform dedicated to streaming with an interesting and alternative catalogue to Netflix.

  • Prime Music

Music lovers, with Amazon Prime you can listen to over 2 million songs without being interrupted by advertising. You can also download your favorite songs and listen to them offline while you are at the gym or outside your home WIFI.

With Twitch Prime, you can enjoy a monthly Twitch channel subscription, games and in-game content at no additional cost or advertising.

What is Twitch Prime?

Most gamers (casual and hard-core gamers) are already familiar with Twitch, the video game streaming service. Amazon Prime users have privileged access to Twitch Prime, which allows them to watch the creations of their favorite streamers on Twitch without ads.

  • Amazon Prime Reading

What do you think of the hundreds of free e-books in our hands? With Amazon Prime Reading, you can access, from any device through the dedicated app, hundreds of eBooks and comics in digital format.

You can also take advantage of Amazon Family, or a 15% discount on periodic diaper shipments, Amazon Pantry, to purchase daily consumer items and bulky goods, as well as early access to select offers.

  • Benefits for everyone

As you can see, it looks like Amazon has thought about all of its users: music, video game, movie, reading, shopping, and employee and family lovers. You certainly fall into one (or more) of these categories, but an important thing to do is understand how often you trust Amazon for your purchases, how much the products in the big online storefront are really interesting to you.

Also among the perks is Prime Day, a day of deals and discounts that cannot do more than push customers to buy on the platform. Do not forget one thing, however: tacit renewal! Amazon does an automatic conversion at the end of your free trial period. You should also think about cancelling the automatic renewal if you don’t want to extend.

What other advantages does Amazon Prime Have?

Amazon Prime offers other advantages to its users. Prime users will be able to access 30 minutes before the start of the offer so as not to run out of it. You also have access to Prime Photos. It is a private cloud with unlimited free storage for photos. It is an alternative to Google Photos and iPhoto, but in which the photos will be hosted in the Amazon cloud.

If you like to read, being a Prime user you also have access to Kindle Prime, where you have hundreds of free Kindle eBooks included in your subscription. And you also have Amazon’s alternative to Spotify, a service called Prime Music with two million songs without ads and offline mode. This service is not as complete as Amazon Music Unlimited, but at least it is included in the subscription, while the other costs 9.99 euros per month.

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