Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

Error code 5004

Amazon Prime Video is proving itself one of the most incredible platform in media entertainment industry. Number of titles present there never let you go out of the stuff to watch and enjoy. But as reported sometimes users face some technical error code 5004 issues with this streaming service which obviously makes it work like a hitch in their pleasure.

One of the most frequent technical errors that users face is Amazon Prime Video Code 5004.

So let’s learn what is this error code 5004?

What are its causes? And how can it be fixed?

This error is a validation or authentication error which can occur either at the time you sign-in or even after when your sign-in is authenticated; you can see this error pop up when you try to play a title on Amazon Prime Video.

What causes this error to pop up ?

There are number of causes that could be responsible for this error. Most of them are listed below:

  • Unreliable internet connection.
  • Using VPN or Proxy server.
  • Using Firewall either on your network or computer.
  • Antivirus and other security software installed.
  • Corrupted cookies and cached data.
  • Amazon Prime Video app not updated.
  • Any Bug problem with the Amazon Prime app.

Now the measures to resolve this are also outlined in order of the causes we mentioned above:

Ensure the stability of your internet connection:

Unstable, unsound internet connection could be the main cause of you facing Error code 5004. So simply check if your streaming device is connected to internet. If you find the connection fine; go over to find out the speed of the internet connection. If there is some speed or connection problem you can see; this might be the reason your Amazon Prime video not working. So just fix this issue which can be done by calling you service provider and try signing back in on Amazon Prime Video.

You might need to disable Proxy, VPN, Antivirus Security Programs and  Firewall:

Sometimes Firewall and these antivirus programs do not let Amazon Prime App access the internet which in turn leads to sign-in issues. Also VPN and proxy channelize traffic encryption and rerouting which can cause trouble accessing the servers.  Thus disabling these programs might result in a good connection with Amazon Prime server and so resolving your issue. You can disable proxy as navigating to settingsàproxy settingsà disable proxy

Get rid of the cache and cookies on your system browser:

This solution is advised if you are accessing Amazon Prime video on your Computer. Sometimes when you use internet frequently on your system; the viruses corrupts the data which can cause conflict with the real website data resulting in the Error Code. Chipping away cache and cookies on your system helps dealing with the corrupted data. Here is how you do it:

  1. Open Chrome on your System.
  2. Navigate to history or use a short cut ‘ctrl+h’
  3. You will see a new bar from where you can clear the cache.
  4. Hit ‘Clear cache’

Reinstall Amazon Prime Video on your streaming device

One other cause of this error showing up could be an outdated application. So you need to update the Amazon Prime app. To be sure it is suggested to uninstall the application and reinstall the latest version.

Ensure your Amazon Prime membership account  is active

Amazon Prime Video is a paid application so simply make sure that your membership isn’t expired. To check your membership status you can go Amazon’s Account page, then go to your Prime Video Settings. Here you can manage all settings associated with the Prime Video subscription and can also check your membership status.

These were some best solutions for the authentication error code 5004. If you are still facing some issue; you can contact Amazon Support to help you.

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