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How to Activate IDGO Easily Using IDGO.COM Activate?

Are you looking for the steps to activate the IDGO discovery channel through Well, don’t worry at all as you have arrived at the right place. This comprehensive guide will serve you the best for this. So, keep reading to explore those steps.

Discovery channels are well-known for the type of information they offer to the viewers. IDGO- Investigation Discovery Go is a popular American cable TV that offers some popular American shows and non-fiction. The channel offers information that is very useful. And you will be really amazed when you discover the content of the chancel. However, for that, you need to activate your IDGO channel. Only after the activation,you will be able to stream it on different devices, like Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, Amazon, and more.

About IDGO

Speaking more about IDGO, this is a paid TV network, and it primarily displays different documentary-style content based on true crime cases. Domestic violence, sexual assault, kidnapping, stalking, and assault are generally covered in this channel. Well, if you want to watch some interesting and thrilling true crime stories, then go on and activate your IDGO channel now by Keep reading to explore the steps for activating IDGO.

A Quick Guide to Activate Investigation Discovery Go is an easy-to-use service offered by the IDGO website using which you can easily activate the device with an internet connection. Well, let’s have a look at the quick guide to activate your IDGO channel using this method.

    • First of all, you need to install the official IDGO app by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Once done, open the app.

    • Now, you can see the code. That is the channel activation code. Just follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the process.

    • You need to open a web browser using your PC or smartphone and search for Then, you will be redirected to

    • There, you need to enter the activation code to activate the channel on your device.

Well, the entire activation process is easy, and it will take only a few seconds. Different devices, like Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox One, Roku, and more, are compatible with the Investigation Discovery Go app.

Activating IDGO on Your Roku Device

Well, if you want to stream IDGO on a big screen, then you will have to download the IDGO app on your Roku device. The steps are:

    • Turn on your Roku device, and using the remote, open the Home Screen.

    • Choose the Streaming Channels option, and there you will find the Roku Channel Store option.

    • Now, you need to search for the IDGO channel. You can search for it by entering the channel name into the search bar.

    • Then, click the Add Channel option.

    • Now, start the channel, and you will see the sign-in screen.

    • There you need to enter the login credential for IDGO and sign into the account.

    • Once done, you will see your device activation code.

    • When asked, enter the code and click on the Activate option.

    • Now you will see a notification with a congratulations message. That’s it. You have successfully activated your IDGO.

Go on and begin streaming amazing and interesting content of Investigation Discovery Go on your Roku device.

How To Activate IDGO on Amazon Fire TV?

The following methods can be used to activate the Investigation Discovery Go channel on your Amazon Fire TV using the IDGO.Com/activate code

    • First of all, you will have to visit the Amazon App Store after turning on your TV.

    • Now search for the IDGO channel there. Just type the name to get it.

    • Then, you need to install the app on the Amazon Fire TV.

    • Once done, open the app, and you will be redirected to the sign-in screen.

    • Login to your Investigation Discovery Go account utilizing the TV provides credentials.

    • Now you will see your unique activation code.

    • Then you need to open any browser and go to

    • There, enter the activation code and press the Activate option.

You can follow these steps to activate your IDGO channel on any device. Make sure you have a valid subscription plan to stream the content. Give it a try, and you will surely love the content.

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