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Crypto Market Stumbles. Is This The End Or Still Time To Invest?

The continuously crashing CRYPTO Market has become the talk of the town and can be seen
all around on social media also. Though we all are coming across a lot of reasons causing this

The main reasons behind this big downfall of this trillion-dollar market directly point

  1. The US-FED interest rate hike has caused most people to fall back to the old and traditional assets of investing and keeping their money secured.
  2. The Ukraine and Russia never-ending war and its direct impact on oil price hikes are also creating a negative impact on investors on the future of crypto.
  3. Cryptocurrency Influencers have always become an issue with marketing ups and downs.
  4. Crypto Security – By this, we mean as we are moving at a very fast pace in this new digital investment, the web 3.0 era, a security breach has always been the main area of concern. Various wallets are getting introduced now and then, but without knowing their authenticity, people go on investing in those wallets just for the sake of a few free tokens and then end up losing all their hard-earned money.
  5. Big crypto whales – i.e., those who own the big and major holding in a cryptocurrency token, can always take control of the crypto market trend. Their selling and buying of any crypto affect the market, either flooding it or making it dry and down.

People opting out of the crypto market is affecting the whole market to go down to the lowest
in the last 12 months, while people were very optimistic about investing in crypto and making
money in the intra-day calls, but long are those days gone when it was very often that we
could see people becoming multi-millionaire by investing in some coins and trying their luck.
One such coin that has become the talk of the town and needs no introduction now is the

All about TERRA Network

TERRA has coins in its network, namely UST, LUNA, and ANC. UST is one such coin that
was made to hold the value of 1 USD so as to make it as a stable coin as USDT. Now talking
about LUNA, which is the major part of TERRA Network and is dependent on this. But due
to the recent market downfall all nd over the investment ecosystem, whether in Stocks or in
Crypto trading, there has been a significant fall in UST and then the LUNA coin. ANC –
anchor protocol is the one that is built on TERRA and uses LUNA and UST coins to provide
all the investors an opportunity for farming, staking, and savings.

TERRA Crash – “Leaving millions to Trash.”

Based on the latest market movements in cryptocurrency, the TERRA – LUNA / TERRA –
USD (UST) / TERRA – Anchor Protocol (ANC) are being delisted from a lot of crypto
wallets, namely coin-dcx, wazirX, etc.

What has led to the delisting of TERRA LUNA from different Wallets

As discussed above, the coins in this network were LUNA, UST, and ANC. With great
movements seen in the market of crypto and the stable UST coin on which TERRA is
dependent started to fall, and the complete blockchain network started to shake. Due to this,
there has been a complete sell-off seen in LUNA coin and, in turn, crashing or getting the

complete network to a standstill and ultimately crashing it completely. In comparison, the
other coin ANC which is supposed to be a base for staking and saving for its investors died
due to a lack of confidence and people losing faith in this blockchain network.
Delisted LUNA token holdings vanished from Wallets.

As the token is no longer listed in the wallets like Coin-dcx etc., so are their holdings gone
off the app also. However, some of the apps have explained all about the scenario and told all
their customers that they could see their invested LUNA coin on their websites. Their trade
can only be executed on the pro app or their website. However, the relisting of this coin and
its free flow trading can be reinstated till the time the blockchain network is relisted on the

The chances of LUNA, ANC, and UST coins relisting on the wallet are too low as the
network is completely shut down at the moment, and the risk of reinstating the trade like it
was before will be high.

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