HCL Technologies recently laid off 350 employees working on its client Microsoft's news-related products.


Snapchat has laid off approximately 20% of its workforce to reduce costs. As reported by Engadget, the company let go of around 1,300 of over 6,400 employees.


Meta laid off 60 Employees. Meta terminated 60 contract workers from Accenture


Apple laid off 100 Employees; Apple has cut over 100 contractor roles across several regions,


Microsoft laid off Around 2000 Employees; Microsoft earlier laid off about 1810 employees, and recently, it showed the door to the Modern Life Experiences team of 200 workers.


Netflix lay off 450 Employees, Netflix laid off about 150 of its staff, including 25 from its fan site Tudum.


Twitter laid off Fewer than 100 people; Twitter paused hiring during Elon Musk'sMusk's acquisition bid, and reportedly, to cut costs, the company let go of around 100 employees


Shopify laid off about 1,000 employees in July, and the company stated that most departments were in recruitment, staff, and sales.

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