First Deadpool was a redemption story, which became a critical success as the R-rated film, earning a big $782.6 million globally.

Where as Deadpool 2 made $705M worldwide to become the no.3 R-rated title ever.

 Now we have all eyes on the upcoming Deadpool 3, with Jackman as the most popular “Wolverine”. written by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick.

It has always been fascinating to watch Jackman as -Wolverine. Whose power of self-healing and sharp claws made him a Super Hero

Jackman has played Wolverine across 9 films so far & his sendoff in Logan was as close to perfect as can be

 2017 was - “Logan”, directed by James Mangold, marked the end of Wolverine.

So we’ll likely see a pre-Logan version or the Character for this unexpected but welcome return.