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First, let’s go to the fact that Prime Video is not a new service. It has been on the market for 16 years. Before it was known as Amazon Unbox and then it became Amazon Video on Demand, all of this in the United States. Finally, it became popular as the streaming platform we know today. As you might guess by its name, Prime Video is a service offered by the powerful Amazon.com

Initially, it acted as a rental aid for TV shows and series, much like Netflix. Today, it has gradually tried to offer unique content delivered by Amazon itself to build the restrictive item offering focused on size in specialized quality. Recently, Amazon marked a multi-million dollar deal with HBO.

What Does Amazon Prime Video Offer?

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming platform that offers films, series and documentaries online or can be downloaded via smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs. The service has grown and now offers one of the most popular catalogs in the streaming market. Prime Video also offers its subscribers 3 screens and 4K video resolution, all included in the price.

With a difference with its main competitor, Prime allows the user to choose where the download will be stored on the smartphone – whether on the memory card or the internal storage of the cell phone. The Prime Video app is available for free to download in all app stores. Visit the Play Store or the Apple Store. In addition to the Prime Video streaming platform, Amazon Prime offers:

Prime Music – A music streaming service, which offers more than 2 million songs. Allows the user to access the service from anywhere on multiple devices, requiring the only log in to their Amazon Prime account.

Prime Reading – With the Amazon Prime subscription, you also gain access to thousands of e-books available on Amazon, be it fiction or non-fiction books, or even magazines. All e-books read either on the phone, on the computer or tablet, and Kindle.

Twitch Prime – Amazon Prime also thought of fans of online games and included a premium version of Twitch TV. Which online gaming streaming platform. The subscription allows users to access an incredible selection of games every month and also frees up access game loot.

Is Amazon Prime Video Good?

The platform has some points that can be interesting, such as 4k technology. The quality and resolution of the reproduction of the films will depend on some variables. Such as the type of device through which you access the platform and the speed of your Internet connection. Which may increase or decrease during the transmission.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on TV?

You can watch the titles directly through the Prime Video app on your phone, tablet, or even downloading it from your smart TVs app selection if you have one. The cool thing about the platform is that you can watch on up to 3 devices at the same time. If your TV is not smart, then you will have to mirror the computer or cell phone on the television screen.

Amazon Prime is an annual subscription program of the Amazon online store, and has a cost of 36 dollars per year or 4.99 dollars per month. Let’s start by describing in a simple way what exactly this service is and its main Subscribing in terms of discounts on shipping costs. But then we will also list the rest of the advantages that you will have when it comes to pre-buying video games, purchasing home products or uploading your photos to an exclusive cloud.

What is Amazon Prime and how much does it cost?

Its main benefit is that by being registered with it, when you have free 24-hour shipping on more than two million products that have the Prime label. When you go to register Amazon offers you a free trial month. Amazon Prime does not require you to make a minimum purchase to benefit from its free shipping, unless some of the products belong to the Plus Program. This is another totally different program that offers dozens of products at especially low prices. But that require a minimum order of 36 dollars excluding shipping costs to apply the benefits of Prime in the shipments.

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The free shipping modalities mean that with just a few purchases you make per year on Amazon, it is worth being subscribed to the Prime program. But it is that in addition to these advantages, other varied services are included in the price, from a free alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, to the reservation of products before they go on sale. The Amazon Prime subscription is not available to businesses, legal entities, or those who buy to resell. The program only intended for end customers who purchase products for their private use. In addition, if an order has products that do not enter the Prime program, the shipping costs that correspond to they will be charged separately.

Amazon Prime label

Beyond the free shipping that we have talked about above, Amazon Prime offers other advantages to its users. For example, when Amazon is going to make one of its Flash Offers, time discounts and / or limited units. Prime users will be able to access 30 minutes before the start of the offer so as not to run out. This will be especially useful in specific sales periods, such as Black Friday or especially Prime Day. This second is an annual event of exclusive sales for Prime users. It is a global event that takes place in 13 countries around the world, with exclusive offers for two days.

You also have access to Prime Photos. It is a private cloud with unlimited free storage for photos. It is an alternative to Google Photos and photo, but in which the photos will be hosted in Amazon cloud. If you like to read, being a Prime user you also have access to Kindle Prime. Where you have hundreds of free Kindle eBooks included in your subscription. You also have Amazon’s alternative to Spotify, service called Prime Music with two million songs without ads and offline mode.

Prime Discount for Video Games

If you are a video game lover, you also have interesting advantages. For example, for the purchase of certain video games in pre-sale mode you will receive discounts on the Amazon Prime subscription. For example, if you pre-purchase a video game with a Prime discount, those two less deducted from the next annual payment you have to make to continue in the program. Instead of 36 you will pay 34 dollars the following year.

If you are a Twitch.tv user and have your Amazon Prime account linked to the service. You will be able to watch Twitch without ads, you will be able to subscribe for free to a channel. Each month, and you will have access to free content and rewards each month.

And finally the great jewel in the crown. Being a member of Amazon Prime you have free access to Prime Video. It is Amazon’s streaming service for series and movies. Which has its own exclusive content from Amazon Originals as well as an interesting catalog of series and movies. It’s like Netflix, but it’s all included in your subscription.